Enrolment Scheme

Maximum Roll

The school’s roll will be managed within the maximum roll prescribed in the school’s integration agreement.  The number of places available for non preference students will be governed by the maximum number allowable under the schools integration agreement.

Enrolment procedures

The Board of Trustees of this College has adopted an enrolment policy and formulated the procedures which follow for the enrolment of new students.  There is no restriction on who may apply for entry provided they fall within the educational cohort serviced by the College - boys only, Years 7 to 15. The College currently receives more applications than places available.  Consistent with the Special Character of the College, priority is given to families with an established connection with the Catholic Church. Normal intake is at Year 7 (Form 1) or Year 9 (Form 3).  "Preference" of enrolment is determined by the designated agent of the proprietor, normally a Catholic Priest (most commonly persons acting as Parish Priest or ethnic chaplain), who signs a preference card indicating an established connection of the applicant's family with the Church.  In these procedures, "Parish Priest" is to be understood in this broad sense of the designated agent.

Priority in enrolment

Applications for enrolment will be processed in the following order of priority.

1st priority - Preference students in the boarding hostel.

2nd priority -
For enrolment at Year 7 - Preference day students coming from the three named New Plymouth primary schools – St. Joseph’s, St John Bosco and St Pius X, up to the maximum set for each year level.

For enrolment at Year 9 - Preference students coming from Taranaki Catholic schools up to the maximum set for each year level..

For enrolment at Year 7 and Year 9 – Preference students moving into Taranaki from outside the region who have been attending a Catholic school up to the maximum set for each year level..

If applicants exceed available places, the following order will be used:

1      Siblings of current students
2      Sons of staff and present members of BOT and board of proprietors (but not past board members)
3      Siblings of former students
4      Children of former students
5      Others     

Students will be accepted in order of receipt of application in each of the four groups above.

3rd priority - For enrolment at Years 7 and 9 - Preference day students from New Plymouth, not attending New Plymouth Catholic primary schools

4th priority - For enrolment at Year 9 : Preference students from Catholic primary schools outside Taranaki (see map).

5th priority - Preference students from non-Catholic primary schools outside Taranaki (see map).

6th priority - Non-preference students, using the following order:

1      Boarders in the school hostel
2      Siblings of current students
3      Siblings of former students
4      Children of former students

5      Other     

If there are more applicants than available places in priority groups 3-5, selection will follow the method prescribed for priority group 2.

In group 6, selection (if necessary within any of the categories) will be in order of receipt of application.

The selection process described in priority groupings 2-6 will operate at each year level, depending on the number of places deemed by the principal to be available at that level.  But in any year very few places are likely to be available for day boys at Years 8,10,11,12 and 13.

Taranaki is defined as the regional boundary as provided by the New Plymouth Regional Council and designated in the map below. In the event of any debate about the regional boundary, there is a large scale map held at the school office.



Steps to be taken by the College and by parents of all applicants

1    Obtain the appropriate application form from FDMC College Office - for day or residential student complete it and lodge it with the College anytime after the birth of the applicant, but not later than April 30th of the year preceding the proposed calendar year of entry.

2    Receipt of the application will be acknowledged by the College indicating the application has been placed on file and confirming the proposed calendar year of entry, year level of entry and type of application (day or residential).  If the acknowledgment is inaccurate in any aspect please check with the College Office.

3    Not later than March 31 of the year preceding the proposed calendar year of entry, the College Office will contact all parents who have put in their application form in earlier years asking them to confirm that their application is still current.  Parents who apply in the year immediately preceding entry will simply receive an acknowledgment as in 2 above.

4    Advertisements will be placed in various parish and school newsletters and the Taranaki Daily News indicating that applications for the following year should be lodged before 30th April.  Parents who have applied for a place for their son for the following year will be asked to attend an open evening during the month of May.  There will be separate days for day and resident students.  At the Open Evenings, parents will be invited to inspect the College and the procedures used to determine successful applicants will be explained.

5    Applications for Years 7 and 9 will be processed in June and all parents notified of the success or otherwise of their application before 31st July.  Normally boys will not be accepted into Year 8 unless moving to New Plymouth from a Catholic school from outside of Taranaki.  Applications for other Year levels will be processed in Term 4 when the extent of casual vacancies becomes clear.  Applicants with a signed preference form will be the first accepted.