College Sport 2017

Sport is an integral part of Francis Douglas Memorial College. We strive hard to offer every opportunity for student participation in competitive sporting activities at all ability levels. It is our intention to ensure that as many boys as possible take an active part in the sporting co-curricular activities our College offers, as this will enable them to reap the benefit of the coaching offered by the large number of staff who commit themselves to sport in the school.
FDMC offers a comprehensive sports programme allowing athletes who want to challenge their limits and strive for greater success at training and during competition. Participation in College sport allows boys to learn how to set goals and work towards achieving them. Sport allows boys to work together as a team, to experience the joy of winning and how to be a gracious loser. It is an important ingredient in the formation of their identity and self-esteem. Most significantly, participation in organised College sport allows boys to feel a sense of belonging
College offers a Sports performance class for talented athletes at year 10. This program aims to enhance the talents and skills the students possess through specialist coaching and training. The sports performance class is about developing the person into a well-rounded sporting individual.
The College has excellent sporting facilities with expansive grounds including well drained sports fields, a multi-purpose artificial turf playing surface, tennis courts, cricket nets, an outdoor swimming pool and a fitness centre.
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Nick Taylor